The Difference Between Blogs and News Pages

Media Optimizer - Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There is one recurring question that frequently comes up when I am meeting with my clients and explaining them the benefits of SEO and the methods used to initiate and maintain an effective marketing campaign. What is the difference between a news page and a blog page on a website, how to manage them both, and what are the benefits?

So, it occurred to me that I should put those questions to rest and provide my clients with some clarity on the subject. Therefore, I have written this article with that objective in mind. I hope that this information would be helpful in explaining you about one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, blogs and news pages.

The fundamental difference between a blog and news is that blogs are pages where people present their ideas, views and opinions on a particular subject. A news page on the other hand is a platform where we provide facts or factual information. Both news and blogs pages are essential for your SEO campaign because they complement each other. You can have a news page in your website where you present the facts or news related to your business and then you can have a blog page where you can present the facts with a spin, adding your views, opinions and comments on the subjects and inviting comments, reviews and feedback from your readers.

There is no doubt that a well written blog page on any subject will help you to engage your readers and interact with them through comments, reviews and feedback. In a news event page you can add stories about the latest happenings in your company and inform readers about an upcoming special event. A news page can be used in a number of ways – you could post about new equipment additions or new staff joining your company. Or it could be information about your business contributing for a social cause. A news page provides a human face to your organization and help customers to relate with your business on a more personal level. On the other hand, official news stories about your business will provide you more credibility with your customers, partners, suppliers and investors.

Blogs are a great way to fill your website with quality content stuffed with relevant keywords to increase your search engine rankings. It gives you the freedom to write on any topic of your choice and present it an informative, interesting and effective manner. A blog can be of various types, such as:

1.  Informative – A blog that provides information or tips on how to carry out a particular job. For example, how to clean your laptop.

2.  Editorial – It offers opinions and views on factual information. In such type of blogs you can write on any political, social, economic, environmental or scientific issues.

3.  Reviews – A blog that provides unbiased reviews and feedback on various products and services.

4.  Promotional – A blog that is used as a promotional tool for marketing and advertising products and services.

For a blog to be more effectively used as a search engine optimization tool, it should be based on topics that are related to your business. This allows you to use relevant keywords and attract more visitors to your site through search engines. A well optimized blog is an essential tool for the success of your SEO campaign.

I have explained to you the difference between a blog and a news page and also discussed their advantages in SEO. But how do you write and maintain a blog and news page?

We’ll start with blogs first. Remember there is no standard method of writing a blog because it can be based on a wide variety of topics, whether it is something as personal as keeping a daily journal or publishing editorial content. Since our aim here is to develop a blog that becomes a powerful tool in your internet marketing arsenal, our approach should be to take it as an effective PR, marketing, SEO and online publishing tool. 

Five points on how to write a successful blog,

1.  You must have a topic or theme for writing a blog and you must generally stick to it. Don’t start writing about everything under the sun. Your topic should be related to your business or area of interest because only then you can use the right keywords for increasing your search engine rankings.

2.  You must provide correct information on your blog. Your aim is to create an impression that you are knowledgeable and an expert on the sector/industry you are writing about. So always double check news and facts before voicing an opinion on it.

3.  Your writing style should be simple, clear and easy to understand. Avoid using colloquial terms, idioms and acronyms. Your target readers are global and you should keep that in mind before you write a blog. You can use technical jargon associated with your industry but don’t go overboard.

4.  The goal of maintaining a blog is to increase visibility, so using related keyword/keywords in the title of the blog is a smart idea. Use a title that is relevant to the post and grabs attention at the same time. The body of your blog should also contain relevant keywords associated with your business. But you should maintain moderation with the use of keywords as search engines might penalize you for keyword spamming.

5.  Lastly, you should update your blog frequently with quality content because search engines index pages at regular intervals and outdated content are not taken into consideration.

And now, five points on how to write a good news page.

(i).  A news page should look like a news page, meaning it should neutrally state facts without adding any opinion.

(ii).  Don’t provide information on your website’s news page of a personal or a negative nature. For instance, information about one of your employee getting married or a mishap in your business premises.

(iii).  A news page should be regularly updated. Readers don’t like outdated information neither do search engine spiders.

(iv).  If there are not enough events taking place in your company, you can always post aggregated news on topics related to your business from other sources.

(v).  A news page is a great source for informing people about your organization’s achievements, awards and future plans. Make the most of it by updating the news page with information like acquisition of new equipment, expansion of plants, renovations and arrival of new staff.

I hope this information was helpful for beginners like you. Stay updated for more information and tips on how to make your website a powerful marketing tool for your business.

We would like to invite your comments and feedback on this article. Did this article help you to gain some clarity on blogs and news and how it can help your business? If you have questions please fell free to post them and we will respond to you as soon as possible.